Polo Ralph Lauren Sale for the world's biggest spenders this

4 fashions in Luxury Goods for 2013

ralph lauren women classic polo North park(Thestreet)What will by far the richest people will be treating themselves to this year?High end cars?Luxury are on the road?Or perhaps opulent property?

The suggestions above, to be able to mickey alam khan, editor in chief of the trade newsletter luxury daily, which generates luxury firstlook, the annual summit of executives which represent the world's leading luxury brands that starts today in new york.

"It's a tale of two realms.There's the world we live in and the world they live in, alam khan declares. "You're talking about 10 million people more or less anywhere who are truly high net worth individuals and who support a luxury lifestyle come rain or shine,

Here's among the trends in luxury spending for 2013:

Garment:Little black dress that's"Made in the us"Is in demand among Ralph lauren shirts sale the luxurious consumer set.But earth's wealthiest individuals will be buying american made items that are made of"Only appropriate, shown alam khan.Brands for instance ralph lauren(Rl)And brooks cousons, he was quoted saying, will be advertisements"Insurance rate"Made in america clothing based on local needlework and superior, local material goods.

Luxury motors:High end automobile sales are experiencing an explosion and will continue to do so in 2013. "The luxurious automotive segment is going gangbusters.It's totally divorced from what's happening on main street.Bmw and rolls royce are posting file gains, alam khan states.Things are going so well that rolls royce is introducing a model in 2013 a big deal for a model that rarely launches lines.Distributors for the carmaker, whose typical client has a net worth which can be between $5 million and $30 million, were tight lipped about information on the model.But even getting a chance to see the car will be available to a select few.Will be through numerous small, invite only events.

Industry:Fiftly, expensive real estate will be on the grocery list Polo Ralph Lauren Sale for the world's biggest spenders this year.Luxury industry is booming. "In places like los angeles, skyscraper after skyscraper is going up and estates are going for $80 million to $90 million, alam khan tells people. "There's a complete explosion of luxury houses across major towns, cities like new york, miami and chicago, il, and there's no shortage of consumers, he explained.

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